Web Development References

Web Development references by Mashu Ajmera


  • Here’s an article by CoSchedule to help you get started with promoting you blog/website.
  • Check kwfinder for keywords
  • Check with Raven tool and ubersuggest for site auditing
  • Use Google Search Console for adding sitemaps, insert pages, tracking page visits, etc.


  • Codepen- For front end live development, project showcasing and browsing other projects with their codes.
  • Glitch- For NodeJs backend development learning and hosting projects.
  • Heroku- A freemium platform for hosting front end + back end applications based on NodeJS, Django, PHP etc.
  • Runkit- A Jupyter Notebook type platform but for NodeJS
  • GitHub- Git/Version Management software to keep all your codes/repositories/projects at one place, a very good place to maintain your development profile.

Frontend Development

Website Template


Social Icons


NPM Packages


  • NLP, Text Mining: natural
  • NLP NER, PoS: compromise

Machine Learning

  • all ML: machine_learning
  • Regression: ml-regression
  • Decision Tree: ml-cart
  • Confusion Matrix: ml-confusion-matrix
  • Random Forest: ml-random-forest
  • Kmeans clustering: ml-kmeans
  • Density clustering: density-clustering
  • Neural Networks: Synaptic JS, brain.js, @tensorflow/tfjs

Mailing: nodemailer

Quiet Curious Conscientious | science | tech | adventure | stories | Guwahati 🔄 Jaipur

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Mashu Ajmera

Mashu Ajmera

Quiet Curious Conscientious | science | tech | adventure | stories | Guwahati 🔄 Jaipur

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