Introduction to Web Development

Development is the tool used to showcase the world about what you know. A shopkeeper makes a website to display what he can sell. Uber makes its app to be a bridge between the taxi drivers and the passengers. Thus Development is basically an interface, so its necessary but not sufficient.

Whether you build a Machine Learning model to detect whether a statement is sarcastic or a business to rent bikes in the college campus, to showcase it to the audience you need a bridge. Android and Website acts as this bridge.

Any person in any field needs to work in at least one development, be it Web, Android, iOS, Windows the choice is yours. If you ask for my recommendation, I’d suggest web development any day. To know why, read my article on Progressive Web Apps.

Lets see the most required skills by Linked in. According to LinkedIn, The most required soft skill presently is creativity while UX development comes at the fifth position out of the 25 most required hard/technical skills.

HTML, CSS, JS form the core of front end web development. Even if you are a graphic designer, its what you should study if you’d like to opt for UI/UX Development. And even if you opt for Python/JavaScript/PHP in the back end this is must and have no alternative.

Responsive Web Design

HTML5 and CSS3 are the most updated versions of HTML and CSS and is supported by all major browsers.

I think you all would know that HTML is used to write the basic structure of a website while CSS stylizes it. There is an advanced version of CSS called sass which is now used.

XML plays the same role in Android.

There are several libraries available to aid us in CSS implementation. Bootstrap (maintained by Twitter) is the most popular of them all.

JS Algorithms & Data Structures

JS is the programming part of the website and is the most easy to use. Every browser has a JavaScript compiler built into it and thus you need not compile and run it. Also, errors are simply eliminated.

Note that Java and JavaScript are totally completely different programming languages, although similarities are there. Java used to serve the same purpose in Android that JS does here, before Google introduced Kotlin. So, if you know Java, it would be really easy to learn JS.

What Bootstrap is for CSS, jQuery is for JavaScript.

Frontend Libraries

For JavaScript, we use React (Maintained by Facebook) or Angular (Maintained by Google) as a linker. Both of them give a tough competition to one other, however, I prefer react due to its Robustness and built in support to make mobile apps- React Native.

APIs & Microservices (Back End)

For the Back End , you can opt for JS based (Node), PHP based or Python based framework (Django). The adaptation of PHP is on a decline now as the other frameworks. However, PHP is still prevalent because of its adaptation by WordPress in all its websites, which constitutes 30% of all websites available in the Web that you know.


For the Database, you can choose SQLite, MySQL or MongoDB. I prefer Mongo DB here for its scalability. However, Firebase (online, by Google) is also on a rise now due to its easy to use nature.

Information Security


Security of any website is essential and should me a mandatory implementation.

Now that you are completely boosted up and motivated, go ahead and start developing. And if not so, there must be a reason you have this far, so I’ll suggest you still give it a chance. Here is a link to my YouTube Playlist which contains videos by various YouTube on a full course of web development. Go check ’em out.

Also, I would suggest you to follow this YouTube Channels: Hitesh ChowdhuryTraversy Media, Freecodecamp

Quiet Curious Conscientious | science | tech | adventure | stories | Guwahati 🔄 Jaipur

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Mashu Ajmera

Mashu Ajmera

Quiet Curious Conscientious | science | tech | adventure | stories | Guwahati 🔄 Jaipur

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